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Phoenix, Tucson


The old West and new West meld seamlessly in Phoenix, where a dynamic downtown and immaculate resorts share the cactus-bedazzled landscape with horse stables and mountain trails. Phoenix basks in more sunshine than any other major U.S. city – desert topography and urban sophistication. The dining and entertainment district have lured hot chefs, young artists and independent retailers to downtown Phoenix. This city offers top-tier meeting facilities and tons of on-site activities and tours. Travel the new light-rail system, then stroll back into Phoenix’s Victorian past, and enjoy great restaurants.

Of course, let us not forget the abundance of incredible golf!


Tucson is the urban hub for Southern Arizona, yet it is surrounded by open desert and five mountain ranges, where saguaro cactus can give way to aspens, pines and occasional dustings of snow. Much of Tucson’s appeal starts with its history-an agrarian Tohono O’odham settlement which Spanish missionaries found in the late 1600’s. You can see remnants of the 1775 Spanish fort and a modern-day reconstruction at Presidio San Augustin del Tucson, a small museum with living history events. Tucson offers an abundance of historical attractions, and many more cultural experiences.

Tucson also has the abundance of incredible golf courses!